"Austin Form"

What Is an "Austin Form?"

After finalizing your divorce, you might be overcome with emotions, but when you approach the court clerk to file the divorce, you might find an unsympathetic clerk requesting the "Austin Form." The clerk might ask, "Where is your Austin Form?" It might have been hard enough to finalize your divorce or custody case, and now you find out that you still need one more form that no one seemed to mention until now.

When the "Austin Form" Is Required

An "Austin Form," or Form VS-165, is required by the Texas Department of State Health Service – Vital Statistics. It must be reported through the clerk of the court to the State Vital Statistics Unit.

The "Austin Form" is needed for all:

  • Divorces,
  • Annulments (with or without children), and
  • Lawsuits affecting the parent-child relationship

Texas Family Code, Section 108.001 (a), requires "the clerk of the court [to] transmit to the vital statistics unit a certified record of the order rendered in a suit, together with the name and all prior names, birth date, and place of birth of the child on a form provided by the unit. The form shall be completed by the petitioner and submitted to the clerk at the time the order is filed for record."

Completing the "Austin Form"

The form is self-explanatory but must be filled out completely. Always fill in the County, Court Number, Cause No., and Date of Order (mm/dd/yyyy). Then check the box that applies to your situation and fill in the corresponding sections.

As the petitioner (or person filling out the form), you must complete Section I with your information. (NOTE: The Austin Form must be printed double-sided. If it's not, the court clerk will not accept it). Once all is filled in, you can submit your final order and Austin Form so your divorce can be filed.

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